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We will take care of your boat or anything else you wish to keep with our best storage facilities in Miami. Please fill out the form below to learn more about our services and to receive a free estimate now.

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At Miami Boat Locker we take pride in helping you find the perfect self storage solution for your gear! Our storage facility is located on NW N River Drive in Miami, FL. Our team of skilled professionals will help you with all your storage and logistic needs. Whether you’re looking to store a small center counsel or dock a large yacht we are here to help. We provide Transportation and logistics helping boats and trailers get to their final destination be it by water or land! 

No matter the size of the boat or the duration of your stay, we are here to help with all your storage needs! If you are in town for just the weekend, launch your boat and keep it in the water for ease of access all while storing your trailer with us! Inquire today to learn more about our services!


Looking for Boat Storage after Boating Fun?

Miami is one of the best places to go for boating in the country. There are many waterways and lakes that have been designed specifically for watercraft recreation. You’ll find every kind of water sport here, from fishing to surfing, jet skiing, and snorkeling. Truly a boating paradise.

But we know that boating isn’t just about enjoying the sea while in your personal watercraft. Owning one also requires a great deal of responsibility and maintenance.

After every great water escapade, the question of where and how to store your boat can be a source of great inconvenience. Don’t let this spoil the fun when there is an easy and accessible solution.

If you are tired of dealing with the hassle of finding the right boat storage facility, we have the answer!

We got a suitable storehouse for every boater or yacht owner looking for a safe and affordable dry boat storage marina. We offer both indoor and outdoor boat storage options that are perfect for many types of boats.

It’s hard to enjoy your moments at the sea if you know you have to worry about where to store your watercraft afterward. With our trusted facilities and very convenient customer service, you can now enjoy the waters, explore the sea and keep your vessel in great shape without the hassle and worry coming your way!

Your Seafaring Buddy: Miami Boat Locker and Marine Repair Services

Our company has been serving Miami and other South Florida areas for more than ten years. We began only as a humble boatyard, but with the trust of our beloved clients, in no time, we have turned into one of the leading providers of secured boat storage facilities in The Magic City.

At the heart of our company’s mission is a commitment to provide only the highest level of service. Whether it be in boat storage, boat repair, trailer logistics, or a car storage facility, we work tirelessly every day, ensuring that our customer’s investments are taken care of and that they are fully satisfied. Because we know how much a watercraft means to its owner, we make sure that all of our clients receive only the best professional service.

If you need launching assistance, boat cleaning, and maintenance, or high-end detailing, you can count on us for a top-quality service! Call us at (305) 871-9588 for more information.


We take pride in being the most affordable storage company in Miami with convenient access and customer service! Your gear is stored in a secure gated location monitored 24/7 by security and cameras. You will receive a code to the gate and have access to your equipment at your convenience. We have a full work station and wash down facility available for use when you are done using your equipment!

Miami Boat Locker is happy to offer a wide array of services to keep you on the water. You name it, we do it. From basic wash downs to high end detailing all the way to glass work and engine repair. Having been in the marine industry for over 15 years our staff can take care of all your needs. We are here to keep you connected with your passion on the water, not stuck at the dock.

We store just about anything! Wether its a huge trailer, a crane or a flat bed truck, Miami Boat Locker has you covered. The limitations of our storage facility are dictated by you! Check out some of our pictures!

No Matter the age of your vessel, we are here to help. Wether its a full restoration or a basic repair. We are happy to oversee your project from start to finish. Miami Boat Locker prides themselves on fiberglass work and the ability to bring old boats back to life! Come check out our recently redone 1978 Mako 17!

Miami Boat Locker is happy to provide storage solutions for jet skis and other small personal water crafts. We offer the best jet ski storage rates around. Inquire today!

Have your boat on a nearby lift, or just have an empty trailer? Miami Boat Locker can store your empty trailer with great rates! Let us know the location and we are happy to pick it up. We can also drop it off when its use is required!

If you are looking for RV storage in the Miami area, consider Miami Boat Locker! Our large storage spaces will provide you with convenient easy to access storage while you plan your next cross country adventure!

Have a second car, or a vehicle that you plan to fly in and use consistently? Trust Miami Boat Locker to keep it safe and secure! Many of our clients store a boat and car with us flying in several times a month to enjoy their gear! Great for local sailing competitions or the avid fisherman looking to escape the cold up North!

Miami Boat locker is pleased to offer you dockage for yachts and other large vessels. All the needs of a large yacht can be met here, from electrical plug ins to pump-outs, fuel trucks, you name it! Inquire today for more information.

While building your next construction project, consider us to store the equipment or supplies you will be using! Miami Boat Locker is proud to offer storage for building materials as well as the equipment used to do these jobs. Discounted rates available for static equipment. 

Miami Boat Locker is proud to offer transportation and surrounding logistics for shipping or delivering your equipment anywhere in the world. Wether it’s a center counsel, large yacht or sail boat we offer competitive rates to help your equipment get where it needs to go. With quick, convenient, and reliable services, Miami Boat Locker is here to help. We work directly with the best shipping companies in the world to ensure the shipping process is smooth and stress-free from start to finish.

Upon request, Miami Boat Locker provides assistance in launching your vessel. Wether it is a lack of vehicle, spare time or experience, our staff is here to fill the gap. You can count on us for a prompt, reliable, safe and friendly experience. We are happy to pass along the teams knowledge!

Easy Access Boat Storage Facility: Best Choice in Security and Protection

Miami Boat Locker offers a large selection of storage facilities for many kinds of boats or yachts. The company is conveniently located in the middle of Miami and has provided helpful and qualified service and boat storage options with unmatchable customer service.

But our easily accessible location isn’t the only reason why you’ll love us. Our boat storage units also brag about the extreme security and protection it provides. We offer a large variety of services and amenities to ensure that you have the perfect watercraft and yacht storage facility experience.

Our boat storage facilities are designed to keep your vessel protected from the weather. Also, we have on-site management, 24/7 camera surveillance, and an unrivaled reputation in the industry, so you can rest assured that your boats are in good hands. In addition, we have a variety of different sized spaces for boats plus a secured yacht dockage! And we can accommodate any trailer size and other vehicle types as well. Under our facilities and care, your vessel and other valued possessions will remain in good condition!

So if you’re looking for a boat storage facility that offers trusted safekeeping, then our company is the perfect thing. To learn more about our top-ranking services, please feel free to explore our website and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Trusted Partner in Boat Maintenance

Proper maintenance is crucial for your vessel. It will save you time and money by keeping your investment safe. That is why we offer complete marine repair service from start to finish.

Boats are considerable investments, and taking care of them will help ensure that you get the maximum use out of your purchase by maintaining their good physical condition. While keeping you safe from possible accidents, this will also ensure that your watercraft is ready and in top shape when the time for another boating season arrived.

Our company is not only leading in providing the best boat storage facilities in the city. We are also known for giving certified boat maintenance and marine repair services. When dealing with your watercraft concerns, whether in storing or repair needs, call us, and we’ll be there to help.

boat storage in miami fl

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No matter your storage or logistic needs, Miami Boat Locker is here to help with the best rates in town! Call us today to learn more! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Keep your Boat New-Looking: Boat Repair Service and High-end Detailing

If you need professional boat repair service and high-end detailing, our company is your best choice. After many years of experience in this industry, you can be confident that we know what it takes to get your sails back on the water or showroom ready in their best possible shape.

A well-maintained watercraft is a joy to behold. But it takes high-end professional detailing to transform it into a jewel. Our well-trained staff knows how to make your boat look its best through a thorough service process, including washing, waxing, buffing, and more.

From basic washdowns to swift and precise boat detailing touches, you can be confident that your vessel is handled with great care and expertise. So if you need a boat mechanic that is both passionate and efficient in resolving your boat repair needs, you have found the one! Call us now! (305) 871-9588.

Professional Boat Hauling: Our Solution to your Trailer Logistic Needs

Watercraft owners know the pain of needing to haul their boats. We feel it too. It’s a tedious process that takes up a lot of time and energy. You have to find someone with a truck, load it onto the trailer, drive it down to the lake or ocean, unload it, go home and repeat the process all the time – you’re going to need some help!

If you need assistance with hauling your sails, we can provide professional service. We got you covered with storage, pickup, and delivery even if you are 1000 miles away!

We pride ourselves on the name known in watercraft logistics for giving a smooth and hassle-free boat hauling service. For your trailer logistic concerns, we’ve got the best remedy!

Why Choose us

We offer a large variety of Boat Services and Amenities in Miami, Florida

No matter your storage or logistic needs, Miami Boat Locker is here to help with the best rates in town! Call us today to learn more! We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Safe Storage for Vehicles: Empty Trailer Storage and RV Parking Space

Not every boatyard offers a safe and protected place for empty trailers. And it can be a problem for every watercraft owner who uses a trailer to bring their sails close to the sea.

We are happy to say that alongside our boat dry storage service is a place dedicated to trailers and other vehicles you need to store.

If you want to keep your equipment safe and secure, we’re the ones to turn to. For trailer storage box, RV storage facilities, heavy equipment storage, and other vehicle storage unit need, call us at (305) 871-9588, and we’ll reserve a space for you.


How much does it cost to store a boat at a marina?

Our company can store boats at a very affordable rate. Plus, we are located at the heart of Miami, making our place ideal for every boater who needs the kind of services we offer.

The cost of boat storage will be determined mainly by the length of time you would like to store it. Different facilities also have various amenities – some offer electric and water service while others do not. In addition, some marinas specialize in seasonal storage, which will increase the monthly rate for a specific period before dropping back down again.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for the most accurate quote.
We are best in storing watercraft in the Miami and South Florida area. We offer the best solutions for your boating needs at the most affordable price. Call us today! (305) 871-9588.

Are boats expensive to maintain?

Boats are expensive to maintain because their upkeep is different for every type of boat. Its maintenance is also other than car maintenance because boats have to be prepared for various environments and climates. Insurance may also cost more, as the boats are usually much larger than cars.

Before purchasing, you should research what type of engine the watercraft has. The type of engine installed on it is one of the most significant factors in determining the possible boat maintenance cost each year.

However, finding the right boat mechanic and maintenance provider is essential. It can substantially trim down your expenses in boat maintenance. So if you are asking right now if there is “boat service near me?” we’ve got the answer! For the qualified help that you need, call us at (305) 871-9588.

Do boats require a lot of maintenance?

The amount of maintenance depends on the type of boats and engines that you have. Though in general, boats require a lot of care, not just because they’re made from more complicated materials but also because their large size and components often mean that things can go wrong without an owner realizing it. It is essential to have a boat maintenance checklist that you can go through from time to time to reduce the possibility of overlooking the essentials that might cause headaches by buying expensive boat repair parts.

Taking care of boats means learning to keep them in top shape so that there’s minimal unpredictability and you won’t need costly repairs. This includes routine preventative measures like maintaining brakes and engine parts even if your watercraft doesn’t use these features regularly yet and preventive steps by applying a marine wax to all exposed surfaces once. Our Watercraft Storage Facility is known for its security and the top-quality service our staff is trained to deliver. Call us now! (305) 871-9588.

Where can I store my RV?

The first step in finding an RV storage facility is to identify what size of RV will need to be stored, followed by the closest location that can accommodate this type of vehicle. Typically, there are a limited number of sites that contain outdoor parking spaces designated for RVs, but those are much easier to come by than indoor or covered parking spaces.

Our watercraft and RV storage company offers a wide variety of options for storing your RV. We have covered storage, service parking spots, and secured spaces for trailers and RVs. For more information on the different types of storage units that we offer, click here!

How much does it cost to rent RV space?

RV storage prices vary depending on location, length of stay, and the amenities available. So when you are asking, “is there an Rv storage near me?” It is essential to consider the credibility of your service provider when it comes to security, protection, and customer service. And we are confident to say that we top on these three categories. Plus, our facilities are located at the heart of Miami, which gives you access and ease. If you want to keep your RV safe, call us at (305) 871-9588 or visit our page. We want long-term clients, that is why you can rest assured that you will get only the best and satisfying service there could be.

How to store a boat outside?

A common misconception is that boats can be stored outside in the winter. However, watercraft storage depends on various factors like water usage, location, and material type.

The first step is to determine whether boats should be kept indoors or outdoors. Suppose you live in an area with extreme weather conditions. In that case, it’s best to store your vessel inside if possible because condensation could accumulate and affect the wood surface by rotating it over time.

Outside, boats are susceptible to weathering, which will destroy the outside coating and lead to oxidation.

It’s a good thing that you don’t have to worry about this all by yourself. We have all the facilities and experience in keeping your watercraft safe while maintaining its good shape until the next time you need to use it. However, before storing your prized possession, you might have to ask, “is there a boat detailing near me?”

How to transport a boat?

Always take precautions with boats to prevent them from being damaged during transport. It will be best to put it in a van or trailer first and cover if not wholly.

Some boats may be more challenging to move than others because of their size. To avoid any accidents while transporting your watercraft, never remove any existing safety equipment – like gas caps or fire extinguishers before packing up for transport – as these are essential pieces of safety equipment that should always remain in place while the vessel is on the road.

And finally, when it comes to moving boats, remember that you have us! We can provide you the best boat hauling service at the most affordable boat transport cost. Call us now and experience our excellent customer care and services! (305) 871-9588.

How much does it cost to transport a boat?

The size of your watercraft and the length of the trip determines how much you will pay to transport it. The price can vary depending on where in America you are starting from or its destination location. For a quote, call us now with details about your vessel’s weight and fuel costs for an accurate estimate!

If you are asking “Is there a Boat Storage Near Me?”

We are the right company when it comes to storing your valued yachts and boats in Miami! So if you are looking for dry boat storage near you, look no further! We offer the best prices and top-notch services.

But don’t forget our PWC Storage, trailer storage, RV storage, Car Storage, Yacht Dockage, Heavy equipment storage. Call us at (305) 871-9588 or visit the service location page on our website to find out the storage facilities closest to you!

You’re spending long, fantastic hours on the water with your sail. Let us help you find a place for your watercraft so you can enjoy the boating season without any worries about storage or maintenance. With our company by your side, you can enjoy the water while we handle the rest. Call us now! (305) 871-9588.


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