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We are Miami Boat locker.

Our goal is to provide a simple, secure, and convenient solution for your storage needs. We're here 24 hours a day and provide a wide range of services!


We will help you store your boat, car, RV, or even trailer here in Miami. We offer the best storage facilities in South Florida. Please fill out the form below to learn more about our services and receive a free estimate today!

Welcome to Miami Boat Locker! 

Our goal is to provide a simple, secure, and convenient solution for your boat storage needs. We’re here 24 hours a day and provide a wide range of services.

Established in 2019, Miami Boat Locker provides safe and secure boat and trailer storage in Miami, Florida. Our dry-storage facilities are conveniently located close to I-95, 27th ave, Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne, and North Miami with many of our clients using several of the boat ramps throughout these areas.

Miami Boat Locker is a full self-service dry storage marina, with convenient 24/7 access for those who are looking to get on the water at any hour of the day.

If you need launching assistance, we are here to help! Our team of dedicated staff is here to provide you with the assistance you need when using your vessel.
Reach out today to learn more about the services we offer and to check on our current availability!

Looking for a place to store your boat?

Miami Boat Locker has the solution to your boat storage needs. We offer secure, easy, and convenient boat storage for boats of all sizes in our outdoor facility that’s accessible 24/7 at your convenience. 

Looking for a place to store your trailer?

We have a wide variety of space available for all types of trailers, boats, cars, and RVs. We offer discounts on yearly contracts depending on how long you need the space for!

We offer boat launching services to help you get the most out of your time on the water.

Our staff offers services including trailer loading and unloading, ramp preparation, and even fuel delivery if needed.

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At Miami Boat Locker our team of skilled professionals will help you with all your storage and logistic needs. We take pride in helping you find the perfect self-storage solution for your gear, we can store a small boat or dock a big yacht for you. 

No matter the size of the boat or the duration of your stay, we are here to help.

Call today to learn more about our services!


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No matter your storage or logistic needs, Miami Boat Locker is here to help with the best service in town! Call us today to learn more, we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Boat watercraft owners know the pain of needing to haul their boats. It’s a tedious process that takes up a lot of time and energy. You have to find someone with a truck, load it onto the trailer, drive it down to the lake or ocean, unload it, go home and repeat the process all the time – you’re going to need some help and that’s exactly what we are here to do!

If you need assistance with hauling your sails, we can provide professional service. We got you covered with storage, pickup, and delivery even if you are 1000 miles away!

We pride ourselves on the name known in watercraft logistics for giving a smooth and hassle-free boat hauling service. For your trailer logistic concerns, we’ve got the best remedy!

Why Choose us

We offer a large variety of Boat Services and Amenities in Miami, Florida

No matter your storage or logistic needs, Miami Boat Locker is here to help with the best service in town. Call us today!


Not every boatyard offers a safe and protected place for empty trailers which can be a problem for watercraft owners who use a trailer to bring their boats close to the sea.

We are happy to say that alongside our boat dry storage service is a place dedicated to trailers and other vehicles you need to store.

We’re the ones to call if you want to keep your equipment safe and secure. For trailer storage box, RV storage facilities, heavy equipment storage, and other vehicle storage unit need, call us at (305) 871-9588, and we’ll reserve a space for you.


Yes! We store boats on trailers as well as empty trailers. Please note, we do not have the ability to launch a boat without a trailer.

We store just about any size, boat, trailer, truck you name it! Enquire today!

Depending on availability and the season, we have several different contracts available. Enquire today to learn more.

Due to limited availability, we have a waiting list clients can sign up for to acquire space as it becomes available. Depending on the season typical turnover rate is around 1 to 2 boats per month.

Clients have access to tools, electrical hook up, water access for wash-downs, and an electronic cart to move items.

There is a ramp located within 1 mile of our facility. Many of our clients use the ramp located in the Grove, Key Biscayne, or 79th st.

Yes, once you are a member, you receive a code to the gate, and then you can access your items 24/7.

Miami Boat Locker is a community of great people and knowledgeable boaters who are here to help! Friendly staff and clients make Miami Boat Locker a welcoming home for your boat and other water toys!

If you are asking “Is there a Boat Storage Near Me?”

We are the right company when it comes to storing your valued boats in Miami! So if you are looking for dry boat storage near me, look no further! We offer the best prices and top-notch services.

Do not forget our PWC Storage, trailer storage, RV storage, Car Storage, Yacht Dockage, Heavy equipment storage. Call us at (305) 871-9588 or visit the service location page on our website to know where you are needing service so we can help!

Let us help you find a place for your watercraft so you can enjoy the boating season without any worries about storage or maintenance. With our company by your side, you can enjoy the water while we handle the rest. Call us now! (305) 871-9588.


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