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We here at Miami Boat Locker are all about boats, but this doesn’t mean we don’t love cars too. Our company is well-known for it’s boat storage, but our services extend beyond that to offer secure parking and storage for vehicles. Your car is one of your most prized possessions, so it makes sense to try and keep it protected as much as possible.

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“Parking my car in a parking garage every day is a nightmare. How can I store my car in a way that is both affordable and accessible?” It’s a question worth asking, especially in increasingly congested cities like Miami Beach. At Miami Boat Locker, we provide the solution to this problem by offering boat storage and car storage for people living in Miami Beach. With Car Storage Miami FL, our facilities are located in a gated compound and can accommodate cars of all sizes. And with 24-hour access, you can come and go as you please.

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Car storage is hard, particularly when dealing with the large number of cars that people have in big cities, and the limited space that they live in.  And if you live in a big city, chances are you have a second car or two that you use for weekend trips and other times when you won’t need to use your primary car.  This means that you need a place to put the cars that you aren’t using, and traditional parking lots and garages won’t work.


Car storage deals depend on many factors, so you should ask the following questions before signing a contract: Is the car storage inside or outside? Does the car storage have a fence? Is it gated? Will the car storage allow me to drive onto the premises? What type of lock will the car storage use for my car’s storage unit? What type of gate entrance will the car storage use? How far away is the car storage from the airport? What is the maximum height my car can be? How far away is the car storage from the nearest airport? How far away is the car storage from my house? What is the security like at the car storage? Is there a surveillance system? Is there a security guard?

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