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Do you need a boat storage service near Fisher Island, FL?

If you are looking for a storage service near Fisher Island , call Miami Boat Locker! With our reliable storage facility, whether you want to keep a boat, RV, heavy equipment, or your valuable car, we will store them for you. Contact us today!


Our main goal for each client is to keep their boat safe and secure at our excellent storage facility. Send us a free quote today, and we will call you!

Storage Services near Fisher Island

Miami Boat Locker storage services have been serving Fisher Island since 2019.  We will keep your boat in tip top condition.

We grew from a small boat storage yard and become one of the leading providers of boat storage and marine services. We are proud to have kept thousands of boats from our thousands of happy customers. It is a fantastic accomplishment, and we will continue to provide the best amenities we can.

Aside from storing boats and docking yachts, we also offer boat maintenance, vehicle storage, and heavy equipment storage. We also provide boat launching services and high-end detailing. However, if you want to store anything, big or small, we can keep it for you. We are excited to meet you and show you the superior service we can provide near Fisher Island.

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Boating is one of the best ways to enjoy Miami is gorgeous weather and scenic views. Fisher Island is one of the premier spots to dock your boat since it is only accessible by water. Miami Boat Locker is a secure facility where you can dock your boat in a safe and secure environment. However, having a boat is a significant financial commitment. And, unless you are a professional captain, you may not be aware of everything that goes into keeping a ship ready to sail. Fortunately, Miami Boat Locker is here to help you store your boat and everything else while keeping it looking brand new all year. Here are some of the advantages that our company can provide for you.


Boat Cleaning and Maintenance

Miami Boat Locker is the premier provider of boat cleaning and maintenance services near Fisher Island. We have been doing this for a long time, and we are good at it. So you can rest assured that your boat will be clean as a whistle when you see it again! So do not wait another day before calling us up or stop by our office to learn more about what we have to offer – you will not regret it!

Boat Cleaning and Maintenance Miami Florida

Boat Storage

Miami Boat Locker is a boat storage company that provides high-quality, affordable, and convenient boat storage services. In addition, we provide peace of mind that your investment is safe from theft or vandalism, featuring a secured gate entrance with a 24/7 video surveillance camera and an onsite security guard.

boat storage

Car Storage

Miami Boat Locker is a boat storage facility that also offers car storage. We have a large, secure lot with plenty of room for your vehicle and more than enough to keep it safe from the elements. Our prices are competitive, and our customer service is unmatched. Call us today to discover why Miami Boat Locker is the best place for all your parking needs!
car storage

Heavy Equipment Storage

Miami Boat Locker is home to the best self-storage near Fisher Island! We pride ourselves on our friendly and professional staff, as well as our secure facility. You can choose from various sizes for your unit, so there’s one that will fit your needs. In addition, 24-hour access means you can come and go whenever you need to, giving you more freedom than other storage facilities. So give us a call today!

Miami Fl Heavy equipment storage

High-End Detailing

Miami Boat Locker is a company that offers high-end boat detailing services. We offer professional, prompt service for ships of all shapes and sizes. Our team uses meticulous attention to detail to ensure your boat looks great before we leave the premises. 

High End Detailing Miami FL

Launching Assistance

Launching a boat is a tricky business, but it does not have to be. With Miami Boat Locker, you can get your boat from the land out into the water smoothly and effortlessly. We specialize in boat launching assistance for Fisher Island and other surrounding areas that want to make sure they do not lose their investment due to a faulty launch!

launching assistance miami fl

Personal Watercraft Storage

Miami Boat Locker is a fully equipped facility that can handle boats. Our trained staff members take the necessary measures to protect them from theft, wind, and natural disasters. If you are interested in learning more about storing your boat or personal watercraft at our facility for the summer, please give us a call today!
Personal Watercraft Storage miami fl

RV Storage

Miami Boat Locker offers a safe and secure location for your RV. We have specially designed units that can accommodate almost any vehicle, regardless of size or style. Our friendly and professional staff will meet all your needs, help you find a suitable space, and advise you on all aspects of your storage requirements.
RV Storage

Storage Facility

Miami Boat Locker is proud to offer you the best boat storage near Fisher Island. You can rest assured that we will well take care of your prized possessions at our facility.


Trailer Storage

Miami Boat Locker offers the best trailer storage for your boat. We provide a safe, dry place to store your boat and trailer while not using them. It will keep the sun and rain off of it, keeping your boat looking good for years to come! Give us a call today for more information about our services!
Miami Florida Trailer Storage

Yacht Dockage

Miami Boat Locker is the place to go for yacht dockage near Fisher Island. We have available all types of docking facilities to accommodate your vessel, whether a sailboat or motorboat. Contact us today for more information!

Miami FL Yacht Dockage

Transportation and Logistics

Miami Boat Locker offers boat transport services for people who are moving their boats. We offer various options, including motorcycle transport, and all our drivers are bilingual with experience in transporting boats. Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the best possibility to move your boat so that it arrives safely at its destination.
Allapattah Miami FL Transportation & Logistics


The Benefits of Keeping a Boat at Miami Boat Locker

Some typical storage facility options have significant downsides that might harm your finances or vessel (or both). Most boats, automobiles, and heavy equipment need specialized solutions with lots of height clearance and easy access. Instead of settling for suboptimal storage or spending more than you can afford, compare your requirements to the various storage spaces accessible in the region where you want to store your watercraft or heavy equipment. Miami Boat Locker storage facilities offer the following advantages to owners.
It would be true when it comes to your RV. While some travel trailers weigh just approximately 1000 kg, a fifth wheel may weigh ten times that! A substantial mobile home may weigh up to 13,000kg. The design of your pavement is not to support such weight, especially over extended periods. When you compare the expense of repairing your driveway to the cost of storing your RV or boat, you will discover that using a storage service is a more cost-effective alternative.
Most traditional storage facilities, mainly outdoor storage options, have low-quality security. Worse, these spaces are not saving you any money because of their lack of services. Miami Boat Locker is a safer alternative to traditional storage facilities for storing your boat or heavy equipment. We even add an extra layer of security to protect your boat from damage during storage.
Discovering a storage facility for a boat or anything else you need to store can be difficult. Finding the vacant place you require to keep your boat near your favorite boating spot or near your home can be challenging. Owners of boats live in both rural and urban areas. Traditional boat storage, on the other hand, is frequently scarce in many areas. Miami Boat Locker offers both indoor and outdoor boat storage options. Because you are not dealing with a traditional, overcrowded storage facility, your space is easily accessible at all times.
Are you looking for a boat storage facility in Fisher Island, Florida? We have the best prices around. Contact us at (305) 871-9588.
When you are as famous as the stars who live on Fisher Island, it stands to reason that your boat is just as renowned, and you want to store it in a place where it will be safe from the elements. If that describes your boat (and the island in the bay), Miami Boat Locker is the place for you. We take pride in storing the most elite ship in the world.

A Beautiful Fisher island

Fisher Island is an exclusive island a short distance from the mainland of Miami Beach, Florida. It is accessible via car or boat only and has no airport. The island is home to Fisher Island Club, a well-known luxury resort.
Located just off the coast of Miami, the place is considered one of the most beautiful places in the US, if not the world. It is home to some of the wealthiest people in the world because the price tag of a property is at least $10 million. The picturesque beachfront property comes with excellent boat storage, something the island can showcase.

Fisher Island, a beautiful barrier island of the same name, is a historically significant location in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Since 1960, it has held a yearly eleventh-hour census count. That makes Fisher Island one of the most visited cities in the county, with many thousands of visitors every year.

More than three thousand people from ninety countries have journeyed to the United States on Fisher Island over its history. Some of those who have visited this tropical paradise returned home with souvenirs, while others have come back. Those who make it to the island end up coming back year after year. This continual influx of visitors offers Fisher Island a unique historical perspective beyond what other small beachside towns in Florida offer. The origin of the island goes back to the Revolutionary War. A small sugar plantation owned by Aaron Montgomery Ward, situated on the present-day site of the village. Once thought that Montgomery Ward grew the sugar cane on land he leased from the Fort William Islands. Fort William Island is now part of Fisher Island.

Today, many of the original houses and cottages remain. These exquisite examples of classic design are available for rent as well as to visitors. The island has an oceanfront ferry that can take visitors to nearby islands. Fisher Island State Park, a great favorite among tourists, offers boating and other water activities. Hiking trails, nature trails, and historic areas are also around near the island.

Fisher Island caters to a variety of different lifestyles. Those interested in the history of this area may want to spend some time visiting the Old Fort Point National Historic Landmark. You can learn about the early inhabitants, the Revolutionary War battles fought here, and the artifacts left behind. Those who want a more spiritual vacation may visit The Seaview Gallery, which features Native American art. It is also a great way to learn more about the history of this area while enjoying some of the artwork available to visitors.

Fisher Island is only one of the many excellent vacation spots in Hilton Head, South Carolina. There are a lot of other beaches, boating activities, and natural attractions for individuals who prefer exploring unexplored waters surrounded by unique natural beauty. To get the most from your vacation, consider hiring a professional travel agent to help you plan your trip. They will be able to make your vacation experience as enjoyable as possible, with many options available to suit your interests and budget.

Fisher Island is a popular destination for weddings and honeymoons. Many island rentals offer amenities such as a gourmet gift shop, a restaurant, and catering services. There are also plenty of places to go on the island for fun and entertainment. Families can enjoy good fishing, golfing, kayaking, swimming, and boating.

While on the island, one can experience the peaceful, almost ethereal atmosphere of undeveloped vegetation. Visitors often remark how they felt like they were in another time. Individuals usually bring their choice of shellfish, fish, birds, and insects for local wildlife. Tourists can also enjoy the shops and restaurants on the island, shop around, and picnic near a beach.

The beautiful beaches on Fisher Island make it an excellent place for families. With plenty of public and private beaches, it will suit the needs of your family. Some homes in Fishers Island are for rent, for various uses, like an island cottage for a romantic retreat or honeymoon. Others may use their houses for more formal affairs, such as weddings.

Fisher Island has plenty of shopping to offer. Those on a budget can shop at one of the small independent stores located along the beach or in the heart of South Town. There are also many large department stores located along the main roads of Fisher Island. In addition, there are some very high-end boutiques and restaurants located in South Town for those with money to burn. However, no matter what your budget, Fisher Island has something for everyone.

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But what about those of us who desire a beautiful spot to dock our boat at Fisher Island? Well, if you are in that situation, Miami Boat Locker offers boat storage and marina services in the heart of downtown.
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Fisher Island

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Julius Pighills
Julius Pighills
Excellent location to store your boat and not stress!!! 5 stars!
Kristin Anderson
Kristin Anderson
Great company and I appreciate Mr. Robinson's storage services.
Pauline Rogers
Pauline Rogers
Miami boat locker was able to not only store my boat but also my RV and trailer all at once and got an awesome deal! Great storage in Miami FL.
Alicia Roberts
Alicia Roberts
Ian was great and was a pleasure working with him! Great storage facility!
Harris Ladonna
Harris Ladonna
I needed a place to store my boat and came across Miami Boat Locker. It was a great experience and recommended.
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If you’re looking for a storage facility in Fisher Island to keep your boat or want to store anything, Miami Boat Locker is the most outstanding choice for your decision to take. We will keep your boat safe and secure for many years to come with our security systems, large storage units, and amenities.