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Why keep your boat with Us?

We know how important this decision is. That’s why our team will always treat you like family and make sure your vessel is safe with us! We offer an unmatched level of security for storage facilities in Miami FL, so if there are any doubts about leaving something valuable such as a boat in another’s hands we’re here to put your mind at ease.

Our boat storage facility is an outdoor marina, and its location is in the heart of Miami. The facility has a state-of-the-art security system that tracks the location of every vessel, and it can automatically call the Coast Guard if there is an intruder. 

The beauty of living in Miami and owning a boat is that you don’t need to be close by the water. Storage facilities like Miamiboatlocker can help with storing, or moving  your vessel while saving time and space.

Let us take good care of your boat

Our boat storage service is designed with your convenience in mind. We offer 24/7 access to your boat via key pad entry to our docks, so you can come and go as you please. 

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