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Miami Boat Locker offers a wide range of services for your personal watercraft, including on-stream storage, boat washing, and cleaning. Here’s how our services work: The Boat Locker team helps you transport your watercraft to our facility, stowed on a trailer. Once it arrives, we pull the PWC out of the water and attach it to a hoist. The PWC undergoes inspection to detect any damage or need for repair. Then, fastening is done to each PWC to a wall bracket with a long chain and lock. In our warehouse, we monitor your personal watercraft with security cameras and motion sensors.
We start by creating a custom cradle for your specific boat model, designed to support the vessel and keep it from moving around. Then we bolt the cradle to the floor of a climate-controlled storage unit designed to protect your watercraft from the elements, as well as from theft or vandalism. Finally, we take care of all the paperwork, including applying the proper marine-grade security seals to all of your doors so you can rest easy knowing your boat is safe.

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A significant aspect of keeping your boat safe is having it stored in a secure place, and Miami Boat Locker offers a wide range of options for doing so. Motorcycles can be kept in your living room, whereas cars parked in off-street parking areas. Boats, however, need a little more care and attention, and Miami Boat Locker offers three different storage options for your personal watercraft. The first option is to rent one of our storage containers, a secure storage lot, and accessed through a gate that only we can open. The second option is to rent the entire storage lot, which can be a good option for people who live within driving distance and don’t want to take their watercraft back.
Our personal watercraft storage in Miami is a state-of-the-art facility. Our expert staff knows that your boat is one of your favorite possessions, which is why we take extra measures to protect it from elements, natural disasters, and theft. Whether you’re storing your personal watercraft or need long-term, off-site storage, we can accommodate your needs.

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